Sunday, 25 December 2011

THE IMPRESSIONS - WE 'RE A WINNER (ABC 1968) Jap mastering cardboard sleeve + 2 bonus

While the title track was one of Mayfield's classic civil rights-conscious anthems, most of this album was actually dedicated to standard romantic themes. This wasn't necessarily a drawback; almost every cut was a quality Mayfield original, and the harmonies and vocal interplay among the group were outstanding. "Nothing Can Stop Me," awhich had been a hit in 1965 for Gene Chandler, was an uptempo highlight, and "Little Brown Boy" showed more of the African-American pride that had been explored in "We're a Winner," albeit in a more tender ballad mode. The closing cover of "Up Up and Away" is misplaced, but overall this is one of the better Impressions albums to pick up if you want more than what's found on the greatest-hits collections, with excellent production and Johnny Pate arrangements throughout.[allmusic]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great posts of Impressions!

hooch said...

Awesome Lp - thank you very much my friend!